The digital audio studio also includes an excellently equipped mastering suite. In addition to TC Finalizer / M5000, WaveLab 11 also offers the most flexible and best mastering software. It is, with first-class state-of-the-art plugins for mastering and restoration, predestined for absolutely final results with any audio information from cassette, record (vinyl & shellac 78 rpm), video, CD or DVD. Some plugins: Manyley Massive Passive EQ, Studer A-800 & Ampex ATR-102 tape simulation, Pultek EQ, FATSO, Fairchild 670 tube compressor, NEVE 33609 compressor, NEVE 1073 EQ, 3 Precision UAD Mastering Tools, TC Restoration Suite, EQ Helios 69, LA-3A, Neve 88RS channel strip… ..uvm

So nothing is safe from a sound improvement and restoration: scratched records, rustling tapes, matte mixes without punch or sung too deeply? No matter, after this mastering you won’t believe your ears. Of high competence also in the production of speech and dubbing. Further details on the technical equipment can be found in the reference list of the devices.

Our technical equipment and software:

• NUENDO 11 Professional Digital Audio Production System

over 600 tracks, up to 64bit-float / 192kHz, full automation of all parameters and plugins, unlimited undos, surround mixes up to 7.1 SDDS and Dolby Atmo, RME digital converter, runs on an extremely fast and powerful PC via RME ADI 8, RME Octamic D, Digimax 96, Universal Audio Microphone Preamps. Export in all common formats (compatible with Protools, FCP, etc.). Intensity Pro video.

• WaveLab 11 audio editing and mastering software

Plugins available to all DAWs :

Universal audio card UAD2 Quad complete with most plugins:

Manley Massive Passive EQ, Pultec EQ Pro, LA-2A & 1176 LN compressor / limiter, FATSO, DreamVerb, Precision-EQ-Limiter-Multibandcompressor, Cambridge EQ, Fairchild 670 Tube Compressor, EMT Plate 140 Hall, NEVE 1073 & 1081 EQ, NEVE Compressor 33609, Roland Dimenson D, Roland RE-201 Delay, Helios 69, LA-3A, Neve 88RS, Precision DeEsser, Precision Maximizer, SPL Vitalizer, etc.

TC PowerCore: Plugins from the TC Edelschmiede, with SurroundVerb, Restoration Suite, Sony-Plugs, Character, Inflator, Dynamic EQ, etc.

Celemony’s Melodyne 5 for subsequent correction of the pitches, with DNA, e.g. singing or solo instruments, generating choir voices, speeds correction, timing errors, make a minor strum to a major, etc. All to safe the almost perfect take…

Other plugs: All ca. 180 world-class plugins from the Plugin Alliance. All Brainworx plugins, Virsyn, Waves, LAWO, SPL, Eventide, Audified, Nomad and many more

Virtual Instruments: Drumagog (exchange of drum sounds), Vintage Organ and Piano collection, Spectrasonic’s Trilian, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Groove Agent, NI Guitar Rig, East / West Composer Tools & Symphonic Choirs, TC Virus, Symphonic Orchestra Instrument sample library, Hypersonic, SampleTank, Oberhausen, Thorn, Knifonium, Lion, Diezel, Engl, Friedman, Ampeg, etc.

The Studio Hardware