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The studio acoustics of the audio studio was designed by ACM. The recording room is optimized for a wide range of sound recordings. From voice synchronization to rock music, the rooms ensure uniform and balanced acoustics and that in daylight and direct eye contact with Engineer and Producer. Recording and control room were designed as a room-in-room construction and exceeds all frequency-related requirements for a professional recording, mixing and (pre-) mastering environment. Here you also find the excellent technical equipment of the Digital Audio Studio, which leaves nothing to be desired

To our, to your creative place:

The studio is very quiet, between typical Munich townhouses, and opens to a green, tree-shaded courtyard. And yet the studio is only a 2-minute drive from the Mittlerer Ring. You can also get from our door to the main train station Munich in just 15 minutes using the U1 subway.

Even if the studio is kept at a high technical level, it doesn’t try to impress with cold technology. With its friendly, bright interior it supports the creative and productive work of the artists. Our way of professional, yet relaxed teamwork helps creating a pleasant atmosphere, which provides just the right comfortable ambiance for constructive and successful working.

In addition to the studio rooms described, our common rooms are also quite popular. A fully equippet office workplace (desk, safe, PC, Internet, WLAN, audio screening, etc.) and two further digital audio / video editing workstations are also available.

Without technical ballast, our audio systems at a glance:

NUENDO 13, the professional HiEnd media production system with hundreds of digital tracks in the highest resolution and, of course, fully automated. It also has an excellent dubbing and taker application, e.g. for synchronizing and localizing.

The harddrives house a large number of excellent plugins from the brands like Universal Audio (UAD), TC PowerCore, Steinberg, Spectrasonics, all plugins from the PluginAlliance, Waves, Native Instruments, Celemony, and much more.

The Nuendo 13 media production system is equipped with the best converters from RME, Presonus and Focusrite. For monitoring we utilise five THX certified Genelec 1031 speakers and Quested HQ210 midfields. The Digital Audio Studio is licensed for 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound mixes.

Productions in Dolby Digital or AAC can therefore be realized without any problems. From mono to 5.1 and 7.1, to perhaps 22-channel Dolby Atmo surround mixes for multi-room multimedia events, everything is possible.

Also available: Steinberg’s VST Connect Pro 5 = Remote-Recording-Solution with up to 16 tracks + video über Internet. The Performer software counterpart is managing audio track recording, video link and talkback at the remote site. It is free to download and use.

The technical side